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Name Petruschka's Sean Connery (Sean)
More info Pedigree
Born 28.05.01 - 12.09.07
Position Wheel, team
Races Nordic Open: 2004 (Nr. 6/best dane,6 dog class), 2005 (Nr. 2/best dane, 6 dog class), 2006 (Nr. 2/best dane, 8 dog dog class).

Sean has been with us since february 2004, first stationed by Kennel Petruschka and after that as an official part of Team Koyuk. He was the brother of Jamie Lee and Demi. A big, heavy and extremely strong male,who almost allways took the lead position and gave a lot of power to the team. He was allways happy and charming. He died suddenly from a liver disease.