Our Siberians

We got our first Husky, when we moved to the country side. We have always been fascinated by sled dogs, and started to look around for a puppy, when our old german shephard, Tina, was getting old. We were attracted by the looks, temper and racing ability of the Siberian husky and ended up by contacting the Taymyr Kennel  which was about to get new puppies. Soon after that we had bought our first Husky, Nanok.

Being introduced to sled dog racing we quickly decided to buy another dog, and Joy was purchased in order to get our first team ready. Our racing interest increased, and we decided to get some dogs which were more suitable for racing than our present dogs. Joy and Nanok are both show dogs and are more adapted to a show ring than sled dog racing. We then contacted Kennel Petruschka, which is known for its high standards and great racing results, and we managed to persuade them to sell us two of their newly born puppies.

From then on our interests have followed the "racing road", which clearly shows at the rest of the Team Koyuk dogs. Kennel Petruschka has chosen to station a few of their dogs at our kennel in order to help us getting started with our racing career. 

We have been waiting a few years to produce puppies of our own. Partly because we were waiting to get better conditions for the dogs, and partly because we would be as sure as possible, that we could supply the team with strength, speed and leadership. Spring 2005 we finally sold our old house and moced to a new place with perfect comnditions for the dogs, and then we also had an almost perfect breeding-bitch: Jamie Lee. So we contacted one of the best racing kennels in Europe, Icebells Kennel in Germnany and made an agreement with them about using one of their best males. It all succeeded, and we got the first Team Koyuk puppies 31st of august 2005.

Today the team consists of the following dogs. 

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Petruschka’s Jack Nicholson
Male, born 11.8.02



Petruschka’s Jody Foster
Bitch, born 11.8.02



Petruschka’s Sean Connery
Male, born 28.5.01

Jamie Lee
Petruschka's Jamie Lee Curtis
Bitch, born 28.5.01
Petruschka's Demi More
Bitch, born 28.5.01
Petruschka's Al Pacino
Male, born 11.8.02

Team Koyuk Allyson Felix
       Bitch, born 31.8.05

Team Koyuk Kajsa Bergqvist
       Bitch, born 31.8.05
Team Koyuk Yelena Isinbayeva
       Bitch, born 31.8.05
Team Koyuk Justin Gatlin
       Male, born 31.8.05
  Team Koyuk Patrick Sjöberg
       Male, born 31.8.05 
Team Koyuk Sergei Bubka
        Male, born 31.8.05
Icebell's Special Envoy
        Bitch, born 17.6.02      
        Icebell's Nassi G.
        Male, born 12.6.00


Former Team Koyuk dogs