Nanok (Taymyr's Right Said Fred)

Born 24.3.01 

                                                                                                    Nanok and Simone

Nanok is our first Siberian. We bought him as a puppy in march 2001 from Kennel Taymyr, who primarily stress the show qualities of the Siberians. Nanok is an extremely beautifull and happy dog, but he has never been able to honour the racing ambitions, we quite fast got after we layed out with Siberians. So we decided that he would be better off with somebody who just wanted a nice looking and cozy dog, and from february 2004 he has been stationed with Simone Egeriis, who from december 2005 is owing him for real.



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HD-status: B
No heriditary eye diseases.


Racing results


6th, local race, Tisvilde, velo


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