Laika (Petruschka's Jody Foster) 

Born 11.8.02


We bought Laika as a puppy in october 2002 together with her brother Kanik from Kennel Petruschka. Laika is maybe not the most beautifull  Husky, but she is an extremely fast racing dog. She can take all positions in a team, and she has been trained in lead from the beginning - with her mother, U2, beside her. She is allways drinking and eating, and she has never been injured. She has a very strong will and is not our softest dog. Though, the new surroundings at Årslev Engvej has meant that Laika has been a more integrated teammember, and with that a more harmonic dog. 


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Racing results 


1st., local race, Hvalsø, 4 dogs, position: lead

2nd, Danish Championship, cart, 4 dogs, position: wheel

6th, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: team

1st, Danish Championship, sled, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: team

1st, local race, Tisvilde, 4 dogs, position: lead

1st, Danish Siberian Husky Cup, 4 dogs, 2003/2004


2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: day 1 + 2: lead, day 3: swing


2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 8 dogs, position: team


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