Joy (Taymyr's Piece of Cake)

Born 24.5.99

                                                                                                                Foto: Heidi Maj 


We bought Joy in april 2002, when she was 3 years old, because of a divorce. Joy is from Kennel Taymyr and is a sister of Nanok's father. Joy had never been racing, when she came to us. She loves very much to run, but she can not keep up with the other dogs, when the speed is really high.  Joy is an extremely beautifull dog with fantastic eyes and a nice fur. I november 2004 we decidede to station Joy with Anders Larsen, and from february 2005 she is staying with Anders permanently.


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HD-status: A
No heriditary eye diseases

Racing results


6th, local race,Tisvilde, velo


Show results

5.9.99 DSHK show, Silkeborg, puppies                                                Best bitch puppy/3rd best puppy
9.10.99 DSHK show, Skive, puppies  Best bitch puppy/2nd best puppy
19.2.00:  DKK show, Fredericia, young dogs 2nd
9.4.00:  DSHK show, Esbjerg, young dogs 1st
12.8.00 DKK show, Vissenbjerg, young dogs 2nd
3.6.00:  DSHK show, Skive, young dogs 1st
3.9.00: DSHK show, Silkeborg, middle class 1st, Cert
5.11.00: DKK show, Herning, middle class 1st, Cert