5.8.06 Updates
"Our siberians" and the puppies own sites are updated.

25.7.06 Summer holiday in Sweden
Sverige 03-07-06 081.jpg (298611 byte)A few days ago we returned from almost a months holiday in Sweden. We got the keys to our new house, and we have worked hard to make the dog yards ready for the winther. We have also made time for recreation and to visit the beautiful nature around Särna. Enjoy the pictures here

25.4.06 Spring in the dog-yard

25-4-06_Kanik.jpg (176696 byte) 25-4-06_Loebegaard.jpg (119420 byte) 25-4-06_Allyson.jpg (192395 byte) 25-4-06_Nassi.jpg (143270 byte) 25-4-06_Yelena.jpg (161489 byte) 25-4-06_Envoy.jpg (160757 byte) 25-4-06_Patrick.jpg (126289 byte) 25-4-06_Sean.jpg (144583 byte)

10.4.06 Opening of our new dog-yard
In great Easter-weather we opened our new 5000 m2 dog-yard - it was fantastic to se the dogs just run and play as crazy!  

løbegaard10-4-06_2.jpg (180647 byte)    løbegaard10-4-06_3.jpg (172219 byte)    løbegaard10-4-06_4.jpg (234593 byte)    løbegaard10-4-06_1.jpg (194957 byte)    

3.4.06 Team Koyuk now in Sweden!

hus_i_sarna11-lille.jpg (155750 byte)We have just bought ourselves a house of our own in Sweden. For a long time we have been looking for the perfect house, and now it is a fact that Team Koyuk also has a residence in Sweden. It is placed in Särna, close to the mountains and in the middle of a perfect musher-environment! Särna is the hometown of the longdistance race Polar Distans, which we are planning to participate in soon... If you click at the picture, you will find a few other pictures of the house.

The puppies are now almost as big as the grown ups - anyway the male puppies are now bigger than the adult bitches. They enjoy life in the dogyards and the garden/playground. They have now tried to wear the harness, just to taste a bit of their comming sleddog-life.  

25.2.06 Silver to Team Koyuk at the Nordic Championship
We have just returned from Sweden, where we have been on vacation for about a month - great! Most of the time we were visiting Nina and Sven Plesner in Lundsjön, about a week we were taking care of the remaining dogs at the kennel, while Nina and Sven were in Germany to participate in the World Championship. Nina raced with an 8-dog team, and Sven participated in the Open Class. Nina ended up being no. 4, and Sven no. 5. The 8-dog class was won by Peter Kick, and Petra Nölle won the Open Class. 

The last part of our vacation were held in Åsarna, where we attended the Nordic Championship in the 8-dog class. The Koyuk Team got a silver medal, and the class was won by Nina Plesner.

There are a lot of pictures at the danish fotoalbum. And the pages results, our siberians and the dogs own pages have been updated. We have bought a new dog, Icebell's Nassi, who also has got his own page.


12.1.06 Gold and silver to Kennel Icebell!
Now Alpirace is over, and the victory in the Siberian part of the Unlimited Class went to Christof Diehl. Angelika Merkel was no. 2, and Joel Reyniers no. 3. Congratulations to Christof and Angelika! The picture below is from the stage the 9.th of January, but here Angelika has the father of our puppies with her on the victory stand - not a bad place to exhibit your dog!


6.1.06 Alpirace 
The great international stage race, Alpirace, is going on theese days in Austria (4.-12. january). On the home site of Alpirace, www.alpirace.info, you can follow the race every day through Web Cams etc. 33 teams are participating in Unlimited Class, hence 15 Siberian Husky teams - two of them driven by Christof Diehl and Angelika Merkel, Icebells Kennel. We are following them and the other participants with excitement. After the first day the Siberian Husky Teams are lead by Joel Reyniers, Belgium (no. 14 in the overall Unlimited Class), Angelika Merkel is second, and Christof Diehl is no. 5. The overall race is lead by Michael Tetzner from Germany.

30.12.05 Updates
There are now updates of the following pages: our siberians, former dogs, Envoy's page and the danish fotoalbum ("Vinter i Danmark","Hvalpe 2005" and "Videoklip").

28.12.05 Team Koyuk wishes everyone a happy Newyear!
With pictures from yesterdays sleddriving (!) and snowpictures of the puppies we wish everyone a happy 2006!

27-12-05_spand_JG+Nat.jpg (82821 byte)    27-12-05_spand+hus.jpg (88375 byte)    26-12-05_Christine3.jpg (112985 byte)    26-12-05_Kajsa2.jpg (119601 byte)    26-12-05_Justin2.jpg (109784 byte) 

26-12-05_Bubka5.jpg (113891 byte)    26-12-05_Allyson2.jpg (96248 byte)    26-12-05_Yelena2.jpg (114866 byte)    26-12-05_Patrick.jpg (105444 byte)

Some nice pictures from training in the forest in Hvalsø today:

25-12-05_JG+Chr.jpg (140872 byte)    25-12-05_Sol.jpg (72668 byte)    25-12-05.jpg (112807 byte)    25-12-05_spandbagfra.jpg (123299 byte)

20.12.05 Envoy has found her place in the pack!
Envoy is now completely settled in the pack, and every day she is together with all our dogs in the playground. Also in front of the cart she is doing a good job. It's exciting if she will make herself a part of the team in Nordic Open this year. We have decided to start in the sprint class er this year, too, because we will wait until we have a bigger team -  it is a tough job for 6 dogs to pull a sled for 2 x 50 kilometres!

And here is some pictures from todays training:

18-12-05_1.jpg (168912 byte)    18-12-05_Envoy.jpg (126895 byte)    18-12-05_Laika.jpg (132289 byte)    10-12-05_bil_trailer.jpg (75138 byte)    10-12-05_trailer.jpg (135591 byte)

16.12.05 Goodbye to U2 and Thompson
Last week we decided together with Sven and Nina from Kennel Petruschka to say goodbye to our to oldest dogs, U2 and Thompson. They were both beginning to get in poor health, and they couldn't continue to have a good life as sleddogs. U2 and Thompson were siblings and were stationed with us from Kennel Petruschka in august 2003, and especially U2 has been a fantastic leaddog and teacher for us and the dogs at the kennel. You could always trust U2 in lead, but fortunately she has taught her daughters to be as good leaddogs as herself. It has been a tough decission and hasn't been easy, but they were both almost 11 years old and have had a fantastic life and a very impressive racing carrier. We will miss them both!


28.11.05 New dog in the Koyuk Team
We have been so lucky to get the opportunity to try one of the dogs from Kennel Icebell in our team. She was living here in Denmark with Ole Søborg Pedersen, but she didn't fit into his kennel, so she was about to be send back to Germany. Her name is Envoy, and she is a sister of Shadow, who is the father of our puppies. She came here friday night, and saturday she was presented to the other bitches of our kennel and the puppies. She is in heat, so the males have to wait a while.....  

  26-11-05_Envoy.jpg (144310 byte)    26-11-05_Christine_Patrick.jpg (141001 byte)    26-11-05_Envoy_Yelena.jpg (159780 byte)  26-11-05_Allyson.jpg (212002 byte)  26-11-05_Yelena_Patrick.jpg (120262 byte)

23.11.05 Winter came to Denmark this weekend!
At the danish news-page you can see pictures from this weekend. Of course the snow wasn't at all to go by sled, but for danish conditions it was great! 

We have also updated our dogs, and the puppies have got their own pages.

13.11.05 New puppy-pictures
Now the danish photoalbum has been updated with pictures of the puppies from the last week, where they have tried a lot of new stuff: they have been trying their new collars, trierd the dog-trailer and has been more and more together with our grown-up dogs. Now we have all the puppies and the 6 youngsters together in the playground every day. U2 and Thompson are about to retire and are not together with the others in the playground. But then we have them out running by themselves or with the puppies and Jamie Lee, and in the evening they are inside together with one of the puppies.

4.10.05 The puppies have been outside today! 
New pictures at the danish news-page

20.9.05 New puppy pictures in the danish fotoalbum 

7.9.05 Puppy pictures from the first week
The danish fotoalbum has been updated with pictures from the first week. The text is in danish only, but hopefully that doesn't matter!

31.8.05 - 7 athletic stars are born!

Today Jamie Lee has given birth to 7 healthy and good looking puppies. Everything went fine, and both Jamie Lee and the puppies are well. The first puppy was born at 14.40, and the last one came at 18.25. So now everybody is resting peacefully.

We have chosen to name this litter after famous athletic stars. Bitches: Christine Aron, Kajsa Bergquist, Allyson Felix and Yelena Isinbeayeva. Males: Justin Gatlin, Sergei Bubka and Patrick Sjöberg.

28.7.05 - Jamie Lee is pregnant!
jamieLee--drægtig.jpg (60409 byte)
Today we have been to the vet, and it is now certain, that Jamie Lee is pregnant. It was not possible to see with how many puppies, but no matter what, there are none for sale! We are very much looking forward to getting puppies. It is our first time, and that itself is exciting. And then Jamie Lee is a fantastic dog - besides being beautifull and loving, she is a perfect sleddog and has been tested on snow, which is the only way to really see the potentials of your sled dog. She is also a perfect lead dog with a very strong mind, and she has proven her real worth at competitions.

Shadow has shown the same good signs, and he is one of Christof and Angelika's best male dogs. He has also proven his worth in training and competitions. A very interesting combination, which we expect much from!!

The Femund Race in Norway is about to be altered. In order to use the positive wave of interest following Robert Sørlie and Bjørnar Anderssons great results in this years Iditarod and make the Femund Race more popular, they are about to make the route go through more populated areas and thereby give more people the possibility to watch the dogs running through the checkpoints. The race will still start and end in Røros, but it will be longer:  400/600 km. So the goal now is to get TV transmission, better sponsor possibilities and higher interest in dog racing in general. An exciting initiative!


Jamielee_norge_04.jpg (44707 byte)

Shadow 04_2.jpg (64640 byte)

Jamie Lee has been bred by Icebell's Shadow from Kennel Icebell (Christof Diehl and Angelika Merkel), and hopefully there will be puppies about September 1st. Jørgen went to Germany for a three days visit at Christof and Angelika's place. Apart from the fact that we sincerely hope that the visit will result in puppies, it has been very exciting to meet with two of the most serious mushers in Europe. They were extremely open, friendly and willing to share their enormous knowledge about the Siberian Husky. It is amazing how well you are received, and how easy it is to communicate, when you share the same main interest: Siberian Huskies and sleddogracing.

Otherwise we are enjoying the summer, and that everything is just so much easier here in our new home. All our bitches are in heat, and neither that nor the daily howling concert is any problem.