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When we are refering to pictures at the danish photoalbum, most often the text will be in danish, but we hope, you will enjoy the pictures anyway...

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A week ago our "price bitch" Jamie Lee won first price on a show held by the danish husky club with the famous musher, Karsten Grønås, as a judge. Jamie Lee is a fantastic dog - she was in lead at our silver team in Åsarna this year, and she is the closest we get to a perfect breeding bitch. 

Theese past few days the weather in Denmark has been fantastic, and we really have had the opportunity to enjoy our dogs and our new garden. You can enjoy the pictures from the danish "sidste nyt"

We have now updated Our dogs and the dogs' own pages. If you wonder why Joy isn't there anymore, it's because she now is definitely sold to Anders Larsen, who has had her stationed for a couple of months. 
15.3.05 + 20.3.05
We have now updated our photoalbum with pictures from our holiday in Sweden, including the Nordic Open in Åsarna. Click on "fotoalbum" in the menu - the text is only in danish, but pictures are universal. 

Now EM is over, and Sven ended as no. 4 - just 15 seconds after Christof Diehl. The winner was Petra Nölle, and no. 2 was Jöel Reiners, Belgium. Look at www.petruschka.dk for Sven and Ninas own description of the race. The whole result list is now available on www.wsa-ec2005.com.


After the first day, Petra Nölle is leading the EM, but with an extremely hard competition about the next three places. And Sven is among the competitors for sure! He and the dogs are all well and looking forward to do an even better job tomorrow. For more info look at www.petruschka.dk - Sven and Nina are able to update their homesite themselves from a presscentre in Nauders. 

sven_nina.jpg (82403 bytes) 15.2.05 - We are following EM in Nauders

Sven and Nina Plesner are on their way to WSA EM in Nauders, Austria, where Sven are participating in Open Class with the following dogs:

Dea        Teebee        Ronja       Nikki      Tana        Tom       Jerry            Reserve: Gary
Takhini    Wendy       Shanon     Dulle       Julia         Holly      Brusj
The competition will be extremely tough. Petra Nölle won the german championship just ahead of Christof Diehl, and she is considered favorite, but we count on Sven to be a part of the game... We update with news as soon as we hear anything - so: stay tuned. See also www.wsa-ec2005.com.

15.2.05 - Team Koyuk won silver at Nordic Open!

We are very proud, that we managed to get silver at the Nordic Open this year. The gold winner, Pia Ångström from Sweden, was having an extermely good race, and we have to admit, that she is a better musher - congratulations Pia!!

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Team Koyuk wishes everybody a happy Newyear!!
This christmas we have spent in a little cottage in the norwegian mountains - there are several fantastic pictures in our "fotoalbum". The text is only in danish, but pictures are universal..... We hoped to give the dogs a lot of sled experience, but we didn't manage to get to the real mountain plains. Instead we had a really good time - and a lot of sled experience for ourselves, actually - at our own track between trees and bushes in the forest by the cottage.

2004 has been yet a building-up year for Team Koyuk. We have made investments in dogs, sled, trailer - to name just a part of it. Last, but not least, we have sold our old house and bought a new one with lot of space for the dogs (and ourselves). 2005 should now be the year of our establishment as a good racing sleddog team. The first test this year will be the Nordic Open in Sweden in february. Our goal will be to do better than last year, which was our first experience with a bigger sleddog race on snow. Last year we participated to accomplish the race and to learn. This year we participate to compete!

We are going to Lilholmsjö in Sweden in the weeks before the competition. The dogs are about to be ready. Our training hasn't been the best up till now, primarily because of our jobs. But the dogs have had quite a bit of heavy training, and we belive that the last weeks in Lilholmsjö are going to give them the necessary speed. The tracks in Lilholmsjö are fantastic, so we will be able to drive really fast - and optimize our own sled abilities. 


We have made another alteration in our team. Joy is now stationed with Anders Larsen, who has 3 other Siberians and lives nearby. 

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Our new dogs has now got their own pages - look at "our dogs". 
The weather today was perfect - both for training and photographing!

We have made some alterations in our team. We have got three new grown up dogs from Kennel Petruschka: Pacino, Demi and Jamie Lee (brothers and sisters of Laika, Kanik and Sean). We have returned Kia instead - she is going to be a fantastic sprint dog, but we have plans to do midle- and long distance races, and then it fits much better into our plans with three heavier grown ups.

Our new homepage is now in the air - and now the season finally have started!! There has been several days now with temperatures below 0, and we have started training for good with a new dog-trailer, a new cart and six (seven including our new puppy) eager dogs. For more information about our new puppy, Kia, look at her own page and in the photoalbum.