Jamie Lee (Petruschka's Jamie Lee Curtis)  

Born 28.5.01


Jamie Lee is a sister of Demi and Sean and from november 2004 she is a part of the Koyuk Team. Jørgen borrowed her from Kennel Petruschka to his 6 dog team at the Nordic Championship in Åsarna 2004, where she was in lead, which she has been in 2005 and 2006 as well. Jamie Lee is a very calm, stabile and reliable dog with an incredibly charming mind. She has a perfect "head", is focused 100% in the front of the team, she sets a good speed without "burning out", she is beautifull, has good fur and paws. Eats and drinks allways. 


Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf
Trinity Kennel's Bugs Kodiak's Cruiser 2nd
Geny of Indian Lakes
Fortsalongs Diamond Fortsalongs Jesse
Fortsalongs Uggie
TooYou Gorska's

Wingasheek's Chewbacca Zeros Rostov of Mirkou
Komet's Keesha of Wingasheek
Kaluna's Kennel Boogies Pat Alka-Shan's North Runner Nelson
Alka-Shans's Wolga

Free of heriditary eye diseases
HD-status: A


Former racing results


6th, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 8 dogs
2nd, Danish Championship, sled, Sweden, 8 dogs


Results with Team Koyuk:


6th, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: lead (borrowed fro Kennel Petruschka)

1st, Danish Championchip, sled, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: lead (borrowed from Kennel Petruschka)


2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: lead


2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 8 dogs, position: lead


Show results

1. price, 21.5.05 DSHK show