Demi (Petruschka's Demi Moore)  

Born 28.5.01


Demi is a sister of Jamie Lee and Sean and is from november 2004 a part of the Koyuk Team. She can take all positions in a team and is a fysically very strong female. You can always count on a 100% effort from her. Apart from being a fantastic part of the team, Demi is a lovely dog, which is extremely cuddling and entertaining. Eats and drinks allways.


Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf
Trinity Kennel's Bugs Kodiak's Cruiser 2nd
Geny of Indian Lakes
Fortsalongs Diamond Fortsalongs Jesse
Fortsalongs Uggie
TooYou Gorska's

Wingasheek's Chewbacca Zeros Rostov of Mirkou
Komet's Keesha of Wingasheek
Kaluna's Kennel Boogies Pat Alka-Shan's North Runner Nelson
Alka-Shans's Wolga


Former racing results


3rd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs (with Gabrielle Stockmann)


9th, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 4 dogs

2nd, Danish Championship, sled, Sweden, 4 dogs



Racing results with Team Koyuk:




2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 6 dogs, position: day 1 + 2: swing, day 3: lead



2nd, Nordic Championship, Sweden, 8 dogs, position: swing


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