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Sled dog litterature etc.


DVD's from Iditarod

At you can buy dvd's from 2006-2009 Iditarod. The pictures are amazing, and you really get an experience of great nature and the incredible performances from dogs and men. Musher interviews give an insight in the tactical considerations during training, the balance between rest and run-times, when to take your mandatory rests etc. Every dvd is about 1½ hour filled with action and excitement.


DVD's from Finnmarksløpet in Norway

At you can buy dvd's from Finnmarksløpet 2006-2008. Here you can also experience great pictures, lots of informations, musher interviews etc. You almost feel like you are out there yourself, and everything is in a bit more relaxed nordic tone. The last couple of years you have also been able to follow the race every day at television (NRK). But it is quite another experience to have the whole race together. The dvd's lasts 1-1½ hour.


DVD's about Martin Buser and Lance Mackey

The dvd "For the Love of Dogs" can be purchased on the web site of Martin Buser, In 30 min. you follow Martin Buser around in his kennel, at the trail etc. Meanwhile he tells very interestingly about breeding, raising, feeding, training etc. The only bad thing about the dvd is that it is too short. "Appetite and attitude" can be purchased on and is 40 minutes of conversation with Lance Mackey about life philosophy, attitudes towards dog racing, planning of races etc. There are not much news about sled dogs, but a lot about the person Lance Mackey.


Mushing Magazine

Mushing Magazine is a great american magazine with reports from all greater sprint-, middle- and long distance sled dog races - not only in th US, but in Europe as well. It also has interviews with famous mushing profiles, portraits of their dogs, tips for new (and not that new) mushers, descriptions on how to build a sled and lots of exciting articles about experiences with sled dogs and nature, dog welfare, dog massage etc.


John Balzer: Yukon alone

"Yukon alone" is one of the best books ever! It's an extremely good description of the Yukon Quest, a sled dog race which goes through 1000 miles in the tough nature of Canada and Alaska. John Balzer is journalist and has expirienced the race two years in a row from the side line - as an assistant and as press coordinator. He has driven a part of the race himself with a sled and some trapper dogs, he has been visiting several of the mushers in their homes, and he flies with a bush pilot above the race route. Apart from a fabtastic description of the race, the dogs and the experiences and thoughts of the mushers, he tells with deep respect about the nature, the people, the culture, the history of America etc.


Stig-Martin Arctander: Finnmarksløpet

Finnmarksløbet is the Iditarod of the North: a 500 or 100 km. race through the northernmost part of Norway. There are over a 100 participants from all over Europe - and now also a few from the US. This great, beautifull book gives you a thorough insight in the history and set up of the race. Spiced up with lots of beautifull photos, mushers profiles, descriptions of the dogs and dog mushing in general. The text in the book is both Norwegian and English. It can be bought from Norsk Bokforlag.


Ken Anderson: Iditarod journal 2008

Ken Anderson is an 8 time Iditaord finisher, but 2008 is the first year he has participated in the Yukon Quest too, and the jousnal is about both races. He carries a voice recorder, and it makes the journal very vivid that you are able to get an insight in his thoughts and experiences during the races. You can almost feel the cold, see the great views, feel the fatigue, understand his ambiguous thoughts about when and where to stop for how long etc. It also is interesting to read his comment about the other mushers and their dogs - sometimes it gets a little too negative, though, and he maybe should have censured that out. The journal can be purchased at Ken Andersons kennel website